Falconry Displays/Falconry Courses

Mankind & Birds of Prey have had a special relationship for centuries. The Art of Falconry is part of our history and prior to the advent of gunpowder and firearms, trained Hawks and Falcons were used as effective providers of wild game.

 Falconry can probably be traced back 2,400 years to Mesopotamia,  an area which is the modern-day location of Iraq, Syria and Kuwait.Though earlier records describe Falconry in China. Falconry probably reached Europe around 400 AD.

 Although commonly associated with Medieval times and Knights, the sport of Falconry was practised widely amongst the Norse. Orkney's Viking forefathers were keen pursuers of the sport. The Orkney Museum has pieces of Falconry bells found on the Orkney Island of Wyre.

 Skaill House Falconry endeavours to provide unique hands on experience of the training, flying and care of Birds of Prey.

One of the oldest proof of the beginning of falconry (more than 5500 years ago)

Tell Chuera, Syria Arab Republic